Quality is in our nature since 1969!

Serving you is a privilege. That is why Waterville Woodcraft makes your satisfaction their core business. Clear understanding of your needs paired with strict ethical practices are the foundation for a long term business relationship. Waterville Woodcraft manufactures customized dimension wood, drawers, table slides and drawer guides, but most of all we deliver on our promises.

Always dynamic and growing, Waterville Woodcraft became the largest North American manufacturer of wooden table slides with the acquisition in 2007 of a major competitor.


Waterville Woodcraft is a partner in their customers' success by providing products tailored to their specific needs with short lead time, constant quality, and personal attention. Waterville Woodcraft operates a lean and flexible manufacturing plant that is respectful of their team members, suppliers, and the environment.


Waterville Woodcraft has a multidisciplinary team that is committed to customer satisfaction. They are always questioning methods, tools or technology to offer better service and options. Waterville Woodcrafts' team members take pride in their work and are dedicated to implement innovations and improvements to remain a leader in their field and fulfill their mission.